Annual Report 2022


In our largest segment “Europe”, Lindt & Sprüngli achieved sales of CHF 2.30 billion and organic growth of 5.3%. The Swiss market grew on a high basis at an above average rate, while Germany remains the market with the largest sales volume.

CHF 2.30 billion

Sales 2022

Map Switzerland (graphic)


Lindt & Sprüngli (Schweiz) AG


million CHF
Sales including exports
(Global Travel Retail & Distributors)

+15.1% growth

The Swiss market, which also includes sales to travel retail customers and distributors, increased its sales in 2022 by a gratifying 15.1% to CHF 407 million. This growth was driven by various effects across the board: In our own retail, we saw a return to old strengths, in particular sales among tourists returned. We are especially pleased about significant sales in the world’s largest Lindt Shop at the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg. Our focus on important trends, such as consumer demand for a small treat now and then, also contributed to the increase in sales. To this end we offer our Lindt Squares, which have been expanded with the flavor Dark Caramel Sea Salt. Furthermore, vegan and low-sugar products are another important trend. We are meeting these demands with two new varieties in our milk chocolate line. The limited edition Raspberry & Cream flavor was launched for the rapidly growing Lindor key franchise, and has become the most successful special edition ever. For the Christmas business, which, like Easter, was very successful, we developed a product for the younger audience: the Teddy Advent Calendar was filled not only with little golden teddies, but also featured a film about the Christmas season with the teddy family via the QR code behind each little door. This product was advertised specifically to appropriate target groups, primarily on social media channels. Lindt & Sprüngli also gained momentum on online sales channels, particularly with strong Easter sales. In the retail segment, Lindt & Sprüngli also performed well. For the first time, we have sales with our new customer Migros in our books for a full financial year. Based on the positive sales development, the Lindt brand clearly expanded its leading position on the domestic chocolate market.

Map Germany (graphic)


Lindt & Sprüngli GmbH


million EUR Sales

+6.1% growth

The German market achieved organic sales growth of 6.1% to EUR 734 million. The highlight of the year in the German market was the 70th anniversary of the Lindt Gold Bunny, which was celebrated with a glittering special edition. This special edition of our iconic product contributed to maintaining our market leadership in the Easter market at the highest level. Sales of Lindor pralinés also developed positively, meaning that this key franchise once again made the largest contribution to growth. As a result, Lindt remains the number 1 in the praliné segment in Germany. This development was supported by the introduction of the Lindor Double Chocolate flavor, a positive launch supported by extensive advertising measures. As in other markets, a contrary effect can be observed in Germany in comparison with the two previous years, which were determined by the pandemic. Products that are frequently gifted – such as Lindor – increased, while sales of chocolate bars declined slightly. Consumers bought less for themselves and more to gift. This is particularly noticeable in the retail channel, which recorded positive growth. The Group’s own shops performed even better, as consumers once again increasingly sought a personal shopping experience, leading to an increase in footfall.

LINDOR Raspberry & Cream product photo (Photo)
Map France (graphic)


Lindt & Sprüngli SAS


million EUR Sales

+2.6% growth

In the French market, Lindt & Sprüngli achieved sales of EUR 408 million, representing growth of 2.6%. Lindt is the only major brand to grow against the trend in the otherwise shrinking chocolate market and thus to achieve gains in market share. Thanks to innovative sales support measures in retail, Lindt & Sprüngli recorded an exceptionally positive Easter and Christmas business. On Valentine’s Day, it was the Lindt pralinés with which loved ones were treated. To increase the visibility of the brand on this occasion, appropriate advertising measures were used, which paid off in good sales. While demand for chocolate bars was at an absolute high during the pandemic, it declined somewhat in contrast to the rising Lindor sales. Lindt nevertheless remains number 1 in the chocolate bar market, securing second place in the pralinés sector and in the overall chocolate market through further growth with Lindor. Consumers returned increasingly to bricks-and-mortar retail in 2022, but our market share nonetheless increased also across all online channels.

Map Italy (graphic)


Lindt & Sprüngli S.p.A.


million EUR Sales

+6.4% growth

The Italian market generated sales of EUR 277 million, which corresponds to organic growth of 6.4%. This development was influenced by several factors. The merger of Lindt & Sprüngli Italy with Caffarel has more than exceeded expectations and now forms a powerful integrated organization across all retail channels, both in traditional retail and in our own Lindt Shops. Lindt & Sprüngli is thus further expanding its market share in Italy, strengthening its position in the premium segment, and is now the leading chocolate supplier in the traditional retail. Sales growth has been driven by wholesale and, above all, by the Group’s own shops. This also confirms last year’s decision to take over the stores of an existing distribution partner. These stores have been integrated, thus achieving greater visibility at the best sales locations with corresponding increases in sales. The most important product remains Lindor, which was particularly sought after in elaborate gift packaging and, together with the Gold Bunny, contributed to a very successful Easter business. The Excellence brand has strengthened its leading position in dark chocolate, including the new Excellence 70% Delicato – which is less bitter – to gain new followers for chocolates with a high cocoa content. Chocolates with nut and pistachio recipes remain the most important flavors on the Italian market. In order to cater to pistachio lovers, a special package of Lindor truffles with pistachio, a new milk chocolate with pistachio and a Lindor pistachio snack were launched on the market with great success at Easter. In the financial year 2021, Lindt & Sprüngli Italy sought a new Master Chocolatier through TV casting and achieved a high level of success. Interest in this project is still ongoing – the winner and new Master Chocolatier Lisa Pericoli presents her work and experiences to Lindt & Sprüngli target groups on various online channels, thus attracting further interest in the Lindt brand.

Lindt Gold Bunny product photo (Photo)
Map UK and Ireland (graphic)

UK & Ireland

Lindt & Sprüngli
(UK) Ltd.


million GBP Sales

+5.5% growth

In the UK and Ireland, Lindt & Sprüngli achieved sales of GBP 267 million, corresponding to organic growth of 5.5% in a declining overall market. In addition to the consequences of Brexit, the British economy is characterized by high inflation and a declining value in the currency, to which consumers react with caution in their daily lives. Lindt & Sprüngli, on the other hand, has grown against the trend with Lindor and its seasonal products at Easter and Christmas. We achieved this increase primarily in our own shops, of which we opened two more in attractive locations. In contrast, the retail environment became more challenging as consumers reacted more sensitively to prices. In addition, new legislation has restricted the presentation of food with a comparatively high content of fat, salt, and sugar in the UK since October 2022. These products may no longer be placed in the most prominent locations in stores. In Ireland, Lindt & Sprüngli was able to further expand its position as the leading supplier in the praliné segment. This was achieved through growth in the existing product range and with the launch of the Lindor Double Chocolate flavor, which met with a very positive response on the market. Finally, we also continue to lead the dark chocolate segment with the Excellence line.

Map Spain and Portugal (graphic)

Spain & Portugal

Lindt & Sprüngli (España) S.A.


million EUR Sales

+9.3% growth

In the markets of Spain and Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula, Lindt & Sprüngli generated sales of EUR 101 million in 2022 and organic sales growth of 9.3%, which was mainly achieved by the Lindor product group, while in the chocolate bar segment, demand was mainly for milk chocolate. At the same time, the praliné segment shows a trend towards dark chocolate, to which Lindt already has a suitable response with the recently launched Nuxor Dark. The strongest sales channels were the Group’s own shops, which grew organically thanks to newly launched products, such as the Crema Gelata ice cream, and the return of tourism, and also through newly opened shops. Traditional retail and various online channels also contributed to the growth. For Spain and Portugal, the Christmas business is still the most important season of the year, significantly more so than in other markets. This business was very successful last year, particularly due to the sales of pralinés. In addition, Easter is a seasonal business with increasing growth rates and a great deal of potential. This is particularly true in Portugal, where certain chocolate traditions are only just being established. In the previous financial year, the Gold Bunny was considered a top novelty in the Easter business.

LINDOR Blood Orange product photo (Photo)

Rest of Europe


In the Austrian market, Lindt & Sprüngli expanded with an organic growth rate of 7.2%. The main drivers of this increase in sales were exceptionally good growth with Gold Bunny at Easter, and the Lindt Teddy as well as Küfferle Chocolate Umbrellas around Christmas. Proven sales drivers such as Lindor and chocolate bars also aided growth. As regards the latter, the trend currently leans towards bars with milk filling, while Excellence products continue to dominate the dark chocolate bar segment. Based on the developments described above, Lindt & Sprüngli in Austria is consolidating its position as number 1 in the praliné segment and number 2 in chocolate bars, and is the market leader in seasonal business. Regarding distribution channels, the situation is similar to that in many European markets. The return in sales in our own shops, followed by online retail, were the most important growth drivers.

Lindt Excellence White Nougat product photo (Photo)


The Nordic market region (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland) achieved organic sales growth of 11.7%, with Finland and Norway showing the highest growth rates and Sweden also exhibiting strong growth as the top-selling country in this region. It is interesting to observe how varied the preferences are. While Lindor is at the top of the shopping lists in Finland, the Norwegians prefer Excellence. Across the product lines, it can also be observed in Northern Europe that greater demand for gift items is once again prevalent and that snack products have also sold well. Seasonal products such as the Gold Bunny and the Teddy contributed significantly to success, making Lindt one of the most popular brands during the festive season.


The Benelux market region completed its first full financial year with the new combination of the three countries Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, led by Lindt & Sprüngli Netherlands, and achieved growth of 18.5%. This development was mainly achieved through the successful Christmas business and our own Lindt Shops, both offline and online. While dark chocolate continues to be one of our most important products in this market, it was Lindor in particular that grew in the past year.

Central Eastern Europe

The Central Eastern Europe market region (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) achieved organic growth of 16.9% over the past year, significantly outperforming the overall market. In this region, Lindt & Sprüngli grew both through wholesale as well as its own retail, with e-shops in particular recording significant revenue growth. The launch of Lindor Salted Caramel contributed to the growth of our praliné products, and for Excellence, the cooperation with a leading tea brand has had a satisfying positive effect.

LINDOR Salted Caramel product photo (Photo)


Organic sales growth in Poland amounted to 26.2%. The Lindor product line was a key growth driver here. Our key franchise is the fastest growing praliné brand in Poland. The market achieved growth both in the Group’s own shops as well as through the retail trade, enabling us to significantly expand the positioning of our product range with an important retail partner.


During the course of the financial year, Lindt & Sprüngli ceased its activities in Russia. We regret that this decision was necessary and would like to thank our employees in Russia for their hard work in building up our business and successfully expanding this market. We would also like to thank our customers and consumers for their loyalty to the Lindt brand.