Annual Report 2022

Global Retail

The omni-channel strategy continues to pay off in the Global Retail organization. The seamless shopping experience in our own bricks-and-mortar shops and online channels leads to a high level of customer loyalty. On this basis, the Global Retail organization recorded growth of 21.6% in all markets. In addition, our own retail presence contributes to the continuous increase in brand value.

Gold Bunnies in the world's largest Lindt shop in Kilchberg (Photo)
Europe Kilchberg, Switzerland
At Easter, the Lindt shop at the Lindt Home of Chocolate welcomed visitors with the glittering anniversary edition of the Lindt Gold Bunny.

The Global Retail organization is the global competence centre of the Lindt & Sprüngli Group. It offers its direct sales expertise to all subsidiaries, harnessing synergy effects and ensuring a uniform appearance and a premium shopping experience across all of its own channels.

Lindt & Sprüngli currently operates around 500 of its own bricks-and-mortar Lindt Shops in 19 countries, as well as 24 e-shops. A major theme that unites both online and offline channels is the consumer’s demand for a wide range of gift options with the possibility of personalization. Visitors to a Lindt Shop are looking for something special. Often, they find this in gift packaging – from a small, personal gesture to a large, impressive gift for a special occasion. Visitors to our shops are increasingly interested in reusable packaging that can be used multiple times for products from our range. The option of filling the packaging with chocolate according to the recipient’s taste is the first form of personalization. Personal greeting messages on gift ribbons also emphasize the individuality of the gift. Thanks to this wide range of offers, consumers think first of Lindt, Ghirardelli and Russell Stover shops not only at Easter and Christmas, when they want to gift their loved ones a sweet treat, but all year round.

Personalized collar on a Gold Bunny (Photo)
Who is the Easter nest for? Thanks to a customizable ribbon, the Lindt Gold Bunny can personally address the recipient.

Furthermore, the online offering meets the needs of digitally savvy consumers who appreciate buying their favorite Lindt chocolate from the comfort of their own home at any time of the day. In addition, the standardized technology platform and the cross-market Global Retail team enable the Group to meet the needs of consumers even more accurately than before. Last year, we launched 13 new e-shops via our new platform and now operate almost all of our own e-shops uniformly using one software application. This not only increases efficiency and optimizes costs – what is much more important is the acceleration of processes, as all markets can access centrally prepared and professionally processed media. This enables new products and promotions to be launched quickly and consistently. Lindt & Sprüngli can thus enchant consumers with chocolate at a high level, even on a digital basis. As a result, we have continued to grow on our online channels, contrary to the market trend of a slight decline after the Covid-19 online boom.

Der grösste Lindt Shop der Welt in Kilchberg at Christmas (Photo)
Europe Kilchberg, Switzerland
At Christmas, our Lindt Teddy in particular delighted the numerous international visitors to the world’s largest Lindt Shop. The Gold Bunny’s younger brother makes new friends year after year.

The “MyLindt” loyalty program, which is valid both online and offline, is the next logical step. This takes Lindt & Sprüngli’s seamless shopping experience to the next level, as we can expand our customer focus with a high degree of accuracy using networked data analysis. The program was launched in Germany and will be rolled out to other markets in 2023. Consumers benefit not only from price savings, but also from exclusive offers and events for members. This program, more shop openings, and the digitalization of processes will enable us to continue the successful expansion of the Global Retail organization in the coming years.

Handmade chocolate bars in the shop (Photo)
Europe Kilchberg, Switzerland
Handmade chocolate bars are in particular demand in the Lindt Shop in Kilchberg. An absolute highlight is the personalization service – Lindt Master Chocolatiers label the selected bars with an individual greeting.
First Lindt shop in Norway (Photo)
Europe Oslo, Norway
This year, Norwegian chocolate lovers will also be able to enjoy Lindt’s exclusive product range at the first Lindt Shop in Norway.