Annual Report 2022

Global Travel Retail and Distributors

Global Travel Retail

Lindt Vegan Hazelnut product photo (Photo)

The travel retail business, which is assigned to the Swiss market in organizational terms, has as expected recovered significantly following the abolition of travel restrictions. In the past financial year, organic growth amounted to an impressive 109.0%, with all regions apart from Asia driving this positive trend. While business travelers returned to airports less quickly, the return of holidaymakers in particular ensured a more rapid improvement. In addition, the increase in per-capita spending per airline passenger suggests that consumers were eager to make up for lost shopping opportunities. They covered this mainly with Lindor, Napolitains and Gold bars. The renewed demand was supplemented by new products, including the launch of Nuxor in this channel. In addition, the attractive gift packaging – in particular customizable offers – made our chocolates a popular souvenir for loved ones back home. However, a newly launched Lindor product format, which is well suited for own consumption on the flight, was also very well received. In addition to the products, our well-organized supply chains and the excellent relationship with our partners helped us to be able to quickly stock the shelves seamlessly on the return of passengers and to offer them the high-quality pre-flight shopping experience they have come to expect.

LINDOR duty free products (Photo)


Despite a challenging environment, the market organization for distributors achieved positive growth of 4.1%. The political situation in Eastern Europe placed high demands on logistics, and also had an effect on sales in some countries. In addition, highly volatile exchange rates contributed to more cautious ordering patterns on the part of distributors. However, the Lindt & Sprüngli organization was able to overcome all these challenges and further increase sales.