Annual Report 2021

32. Events after the Balance Sheet Date

The consolidated financial statements were approved for publication by the Board of Directors on March 7, 2022. The approval of the consolidated financial statements by the shareholders will take place at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

In January 2022, the following group-internal mergers took place:

Lindt & Sprüngli SpA absorbed its two fully-owned subsidiaries Lindt & Sprüngli Retail S.r.l. and Caffarel SpA. This represents an upstream merger. Lindt & Sprüngli (Brazil) Comércio de Alimentos S.A. absorbed its 100% parent company Lindt & Sprüngli (Brazil) Holding Ltda. This represents a downstream merger. In both cases, it is expected that all business operations continue. Since both transactions are group-internal mergers, the impact on the consolidated financial statements will be limited.

Besides that no other events have occurred up to March 7, 2022, which would require adjustments to the carrying values of the Lindt & Sprüngli Group’s assets or liabilities or which require additional disclosure.