Annual Report 2021

Lindt Chocolate Sigil (Photo)

Our values

Community is built based on values that connect people. For us as a company, it is crucial that we share the same moral values with our employees and our partners. For Lindt & Sprüngli, there are five key values at the heart of what we do.

Creative teamwork leads to exceptional results

In the service of our consumers, we all strive together to achieve excellence, because in the end there is only one thing that counts: We want to delight with our premium chocolate. Our employees are given lots of scope to come up with innovative processes and creative ideas in order to produce amazing new chocolate creations. We have faith in their entrepreneurial approach and can rely on them to take responsibility for their actions in cooperation with their colleagues as well as with our suppliers and customers.

  • Excellence

    We have a passion for what we do, strive for excellence and never compromise on quality.

  • Innovation

    We are forward-thinking, constantly looking for new and better ways to deliver success.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We are empowered and assume ownership of our actions and results.

  • Responsibility

    We act with integrity and treat everyone with respect. We care for the environment and a sustainable tomorrow.

  • Cooperation

    We support each other across disciplines, business segments, and geographies.