Annual Report 2021


We are an international group and are recognized as a leader in the market for premium quality chocolate.

We strive for excellence to maximize worldwide market opportunities. We thoroughly understand our consumers, their habits, needs, behavior, and attitudes. This understanding serves as the base to create products and services of superior quality and value. We will never make concessions that compromise our quality of product, packaging, and execution.

Our working environment attracts and retains the best people.

We encourage, recognize, and reward individual innovation, personal initiative, and leadership of people throughout the organization. Respect of personal individuality, trust, and fair play characterize our working relationships. Teamwork across all disciplines, business segments, and geographies is a corporate requirement to create a seamless company of people who support all others for mutual success. We will develop professionals and facilitate communication and understanding across all disciplines.

Our partnership with our consumers, customers, and suppliers is mutually rewarding and prosperous.

An in-depth understanding of our consumers’ needs and our customers’ and suppliers’ objectives and strategies enables us to build a mutually rewarding and long-lasting partnership.

We want to be recognized as a company which cares for the environment and the communities we live and work in.

Environmental concerns play an ever-increasing role in our decision making process. We respect and feel responsible for the needs of the communities in which we live.

The successful pursuit of our commitments guarantees our shareholders an attractive long-term investment and the independence of our company.

We wish to remain in control of our destiny. Independence through superior performance will allow us to maintain this control.