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Sustainability Report 2023

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Ernst Tanner and Adalbert Lechner infront of the Lindt logo (Photo)


Our commitment to contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow is a key element driving our company’s actions and ambitions.

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Business model

We create premium chocolate and related confectionery for the global market. We strive to meet consumer preferences and cooperate with our partners along the value chain to contribute to a sustainable tomorrow.

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Purpose pillars

Commitment for a better tomorrow – is our strategy for creating long-term added value for society, the environment, and the economy.

Cocoa beans pouring from hands, set against a blue sky (Photo)

Business integrity and human rights

Business integrity and human rights are of vital importance across our entire value chain and Sustainability Plan. Both of these topics play a crucial role both in our operations, and in our relationships with suppliers and partners. This requires a comprehensive approach that integrates all elements of trust-based cooperation.

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Cocoa farmers discussing cocoa tree (Photo)

Improving livelihoods

Through a close collaboration with our suppliers that is rooted in trust, we aim to contribute to improving the lives of the people in our value chain. To achieve this, we pursue a combination of approaches based on the risks identified in our supply chain.

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Aerial view of tropical forest with mountain view (Photo)

Contributing to an intact environment

As a globally active company that relies on agricultural raw materials, the responsible use of natural resources is significant for us. Contributing to an intact environment therefore forms a pillar of our Sustainability Plan.

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Three employees sitting around a computer at Ghirardelli (Photo)

Performing together

Our business success derives from our strong corporate culture, which is founded on our Guiding Principles. The well-being and safety of the people in our organization constitute an integral part of our sustainability strategy.

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Close portrait of longhaired person about to eat a chocolate (Photo)

Delighting consumers

As a chocolate manufacturer, we continually strive to identify and meet the preferences of our consumers. The quality of our products and the responsible marketing of them are therefore a component of our Sustainability Plan.

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