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To create an unprecedented taste experience that enchants consumers. Once upon a time, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers set to work with this task. Back then, they were unaware that their recipe would pave the way for a unique success story. For the last three quarters of a century, Lindor chocolate has been providing sweet moments of happiness for connoisseurs all over the world and, thanks to its irresistibly smooth filling, makes them literally melt away every time. The masterful recipe has remained nearly unchanged to this day and is a well-kept secret. It plays a key role in the legendary success of the premium brand, which equally represents the high-quality craftsmanship of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers and the uncompromising quality in the best Swiss tradition. Both have characterized Lindt & Sprüngli since the day it was founded.

These attributes have been and still remain what make Lindor chocolate the perfect door opener for entering markets around the globe. Today, the Lindor product range is a global bestseller in the Lindt & Sprüngli brand portfolio and represents the international character of our traditional company. Lindor also demonstrates its universality in the variety of presentations and flavors, which are regionally and seasonally adapted to consumer preferences. Launched as a classic bar in 1949, the ball literally started rolling around two decades later. Today, around seven billion Lindor truffles a year are produced in over 30 flavors, with the iconic whole milk chocolate truffle in the red wrapper making up more than half of the total sales of the product range.

Alongside premium quality and incomparable product experience, the excellence of its marketing and the tireless development of brand value have contributed to building the iconic status that Lindor has enjoyed over generations. This manifests itself in the distinctive look and feel of the product as well as the advertising, both of which have always kept pace with the times. Before we continue the success story with the same consistency, let’s pause for a moment of pleasure and celebrate the global popularity of Lindor.

a Swiss praline that excites like a true Picasso»

Ernst Tanner, Executive Chairman

Lindor History

  • LINDOR as chocolate bar in a red wrapping (Photo) 1949 Lindor is launched on the Swiss market for the first time as a chocolate bar
  • LINDOR as chocolate bar in a red wrapping with the St. Galler lace (Photo) 1957 The new chocolate bar designs with St. Gallen lace are introduced
  • A box of the first red LINDOR truffles as Christmas decoration (Photo) 1967 The first Lindor truffle delights as a Christmas decoration
  • A red LINDOR truffle (Photo) 1969 The successful Lindor truffle is produced all year round
  • A box of blue LINDOR truffles with dark chocolate (Photo) 1980er New Lindor recipes, such as the first dark Lindor truffle Surfin (1984) and Lindor White (1985), are added to the product range
  • A red, heart-shaped box with LINDOR truffles (Photo) 2000 New product formulas and formats enrich the Lindor range
  • A box of red LINDOR truffles with the “pouring shot” design (Photo) 2005 The Lindor “Pouring Shot” is created as a distinguishing key feature
  • A box of red LINDOR truffles with a new design, including more red and the St. Galler lace (Photo) 2017 The Lindor design is updated, underscoring the classic red and the delicate St. Gallen lace even more intensely
2023 A red LINDOR truffle (Photo)