Rest of the World

The “Rest of the World” segment achieved sales of CHF 683 million with an organic increase of 12.9%. Key growth opportunities, especially Brazil and Japan, achieved double-digit growth rates. The business unit Global Travel Retail benefited from the full recovery of international travel and achieved double-digit growth, confirming our confidence in the potential of this area.

CHF 683 million

Sales 2023


In the Australian market, which also includes sales from New Zealand, Lindt & Sprüngli achieved organic growth of 7.7%. As a result, the Lindt brand improved its position to second place in this market region. The three key franchises, Lindor, Excellence, and the Gold Bunny, accounted for the largest share of total sales and growth by far. Lindor is the leading brand of pralines and has further increased its market share. In the Excellence category, we scored highly with the launch of the limited edition Fig Intense and our local TV advertisement ‘Mastery’ featuring our own Master Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler. The Gold Bunny continued to triumph in seasonal items. However, the Lindt Koala in particular – a local version of our Teddy – was once again a resounding success at Christmas. In the financial year 2023, we launched the Crema Gelata concept nationwide, an attractive addition to our well-established beverage offering. The offering includes a high-quality product range of hot and cold chocolate drinks, milkshake options including the latest chocolate launches, as well as a wide range of coffees. Growth in sales was realized across all channels, with the Group’s own shops making the most significant gains. In Australia, Lindt can be found even above the clouds. The airline Qantas sweetens long hours of flying for its passengers with Lindt chocolate.

South Africa

Organic sales growth in the South African market was 4.0%, primarily from the key franchise Lindor. Lindt was thus able to defend its position of first place in the praline segment. The launch of the new Lindor gift boxes also contributed to growth. The South African market grew across all channels, but particularly in the online business, as Lindt products are distributed via South Africa’s largest e-commerce channel. Bricks-and-mortar retail was expanded with the opening of the revamped stores in Sandton and Cresta.

Lindt 85% product photo (Photo)


The Chinese market achieved organic growth of 8.5%, outperforming the stagnating Chinese chocolate market. This success is primarily attributable to Lindor, which was driven by increased brand awareness and the expansion of sales channels both online and offline. The focus was on social media channels in particular. Partnerships in retail were intensified to ensure better visibility in the store. The Chinese economy has recovered slowly, following the easing of Covid measures. Although consumers are more cautious when making purchasing decisions, they are still looking for premium quality products that offer good value for money. We continuously gather consumer information to tailor our offer to local needs. For example, we are developing more options of gift boxes for specific occasions in China.


Brazil recorded organic sales growth of 11.8%, driven by its own shops and, even more significantly, by retail partners. Lindt & Sprüngli has similarly expanded its own retail channel by opening seven additional Lindt Shops, and the e-commerce channel has been the fastest-growing sales channel in Brazil since the pandemic. Easter and Christmas sales were again very positive, with the success of the chocolate Panettone and new product innovations such as the Panettone Bites exceeding all expectations. The key franchise Lindor is the leading product in Brazil. In order to increase brand awareness, drive sales and increase in-store presence, the advertising campaign has been considerably scaled up. A significant step in this regard is the first expansion of Lindor advertising to regional TV stations, as well as the broad-based campaigns on social media.


The subsidiary in Japan achieved organic growth of 21.3% with its shops. We opened nine new Lindt Shops and thus increased our market penetration. We now cover all major regions of Japan. In addition, online channels also contributed to the growth. Japanese consumers particularly appreciate international brands offering them special editions with local cultural roots. With uniquely packaged products, we have attracted both the enthusiasm of local consumers andthe interest of tourists from all over the world. One important product line is the Japan Collection, which presents exquisite Lindt products in a design inspired by Japanese tradition. The launch of a new Lindt & Sprüngli praline gift box before Christmas was met with great interest in the media and among our customers.


The chocolate market in Chile is the third largest in Latin America. The premium segment is currently focused on specialized chocolate shop chains, which represents a major growth opportunity for Lindt & Sprüngli, not only for our own retail business but also for the retail trade. In Chile, we have been represented by distributors and in duty-free shops for more than 20 years. In order to tap into the full market potential and establish Lindt as a leading premium brand, we have established our own organization. This allows us to maximize synergies with the supply chain, the systems and the employees. Over the course of 2024, we are planning to open the first Lindt shops in premium shopping centers in Santiago de Chile and will take over the retail business from our distributor.