VII. Other compensation-related aspects

i. Supplementary amount

Pursuant to Article 15bis paragraph 5 of the Articles of Association, the company and its Group affiliates are authorized with respect to any member of Group Management who enters the Group Management during a period for which approval of the remuneration for Group Management has already been given to a supplementary amount for that period where the total amount already approved is not sufficient for such remuneration; such supplementary amount shall in no case exceed 40% of the maximum total amount already approved for the remuneration of Group Management.

ii. Employment contracts

The employment contracts of the members of the Group Management contain notice periods of a maximum of 12 months (12 months for the CEO and six months for the other Group Management members) and do not provide for severance payments. As regards the treatment of granted options under the Option Plan in the event of termination, refer to “Long-term performance-based compensation: Option Plan”.

The maximum duration for a post-contractual prohibition on competition for members of the Group Management is 12 months, provided that the agreed consideration may not exceed the average of the compensation for the last three financial years. This is in line with the applicable provisions of the Articles of Association (Article 26bis paragraph 2) and is granted on a case-by-case basis as considered necessary by the Board of Directors.

The procedure with respect to unsettled or unexercised compensation in the event of a change of control is governed by the respective compensation plans, whereby the rights of members of the Group Management are identical to those of all other employees. For details, refer to “Change in control and defensive measures” here.

iii. Additional fees, compensation, and loans to governing bodies

Apart from the benefits listed in this Compensation Report, no other compensation was granted in the reporting year 2023 – whether directly or indirectly – to the executive and non-executive members of the Board of Directors, the members of the Group Management, or to related persons of the aforementioned persons. In addition, as per December 31, 2023, no loans, advances or credits were granted by the company or by any of its subsidiaries to this group of persons.

iv. Compensation to former members of corporate bodies

No other compensation, apart from the benefits listed in this Compensation Report, was paid in 2023 to former members of the Group Management or former members of the Board of Directors of the company, or to related persons of the aforementioned persons.