In “Europe”, our largest segment, Lindt & Sprüngli achieved sales of CHF 2.41 billion and organic growth of 9.1%. The Swiss market performed successfully, and Germany remains the country with the highest sales.

CHF 2.41 billion

Sales 2023

Map Switzerland (graphic)


Lindt & Sprüngli (Schweiz) AG


million CHF
Sales including exports
(Global Travel Retail & Distributors)

+13.6% growth

The Swiss market, which also includes business with travel retail customers and distributors, increased its sales in 2023 by a strong 13.6% to CHF 462 million. This year-on-year growth is attributable to price increases and the recovery of tourism in Switzerland. We are especially pleased about the continued interest in our world’s largest Lindt Shop at the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg. We maintain the attractiveness of the shop with exclusive and personalized, handmade products. Our Swiss Premium Minis, the Napolitains, reported the largest increase in sales of all product groups. We see tourism as a driver of growth and have drawn up a comprehensive action plan with specific product development for tourists, collaborations with key tourism partners and physical availability in regions and shops heavily frequented by tourists.

In the Lindor key franchise, which continues to grow rapidly, the limited edition Cheesecake flavor was launched in and became the most successful special edition in the financial year. During the Christmas business, we focused on Lindor with the Lindt Christmas tree activation at the Christmas market in Zurich main station. The latest addition to our Swiss portfolio, Lindt Squares, was successfully showcased throughout the entire year. A particular highlight was the sponsored partnership at the Zurich festival Züri Fäscht in July, which had a direct positive impact on sales. To develop the Excellence variant vanilla, we used an innovative flavor simulation in the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg. With four different flavor combinations, we engaged more than 1,500 international visitors in the development process at an early stage.

Map Germany (graphic)


Lindt & Sprüngli GmbH


million EUR Sales

+7.0% growth

The German market achieved organic sales growth of 7.0% to EUR 786 million. Lindor Pralines once again made the largest contribution to growth. Lindt remains one of the most popular suppliers in the praline segment in Germany. The trend continued – consumers bought less for themselves and more as gifts. This is particularly noticeable in the retail channel, which recorded dynamic growth. The Group’s own shops have performed even better. Consumers were once again increasingly seeking a personal shopping experience, resulting in an increase in footfall. The new loyalty program “MyLindt Rewards Club” helped to strengthen customer loyalty to the brand through attractive promotions. The implementation was very successful in the German market, with close to 400,000 members signing up for our loyalty program in the first year. Once again, the chocolate market was accelerated by limited editions. There was a growing trend towards white chocolate and flavors such as Cheesecake, Double Chocolate and Strawberry, to which we cater well with our Lindor editions. Mobile commerce and purchases through social media are gaining in significance. We have increased our presence on these channels and launched new 15-second and 6-second Christmas commercials on YouTube and social media. The social media campaign for Easter supported our iconic Gold Bunny, which led to double-digit growth – strengthening its number-one position in the market.

Christmas Market in the Zurich Central Station with a lot of people around a Christmas tree (Photo)
Lindor Christmas Tree at the Zurich Main Station
Map France (graphic)


Lindt & Sprüngli SAS


million EUR Sales

+5.3% growth

In the French Market, Lindt & Sprüngli achieved sales of EUR 430 million, an organic growth of 5.3%. In the financial year, Lindt further strengthened its leading position in the chocolate bar market and widened the gap to second place. The Excellence line has the largest market share in France. The launch of the new Pailleté product range has attracted new customers. The Excellence Pailleté range, which includes variations such as Pailleté Dentelle, Pailleté Gaufrette and Pailleté éclats de cacao, made it on to the list of top 20 innovations from the Nielsen market research institute. Thanks to targeted sales support in the retail trade, Lindt & Sprüngli recorded exceptional Easter and Christmas business results, and for Valentine’s Day, pralines, which are often bought as gifts, were particularly popular. Appropriate advertising measures increased the visibility of the brand on this occasion, which directly translated into sales. Lindor recorded double-digit growth which is attributable to strong activation, especially during the Christmas season. The launch of the new Salted Caramel variant has also boosted sales in this product segment.

Map Italy (graphic)


Lindt & Sprüngli S.p.A.


million EUR Sales

+11.1% growth

In the Italian market, Lindt & Sprüngli achieved sales of EUR 307 million, an organic growth of 11.1%. This development was driven by a number of factors. The merger of Lindt & Sprüngli Italy with Caffarel in 2022 surpassed expectations in 2023 and continued to develop positively. Both brands Lindt and Caffarel are now part of an integrated organization across all sales channels. Lindt & Sprüngli thus strengthened its position in the premium segment and grew in wholesale, traditional specialized trade and own retail shops. The Retail network now comprises of 35 shops, with two shops newly opened. The most important product remains Lindor, which was particularly sought after in high-quality gift packaging both at Easter and Christmas. After Lindor, Excellence, our chocolate with a high cocoa content, shone with two product innovations: Lindt Excellence Cialda Friabile and Lindt Excellence Wafer Croccante, once again enchanting lovers of dark chocolate. Italy was one of the first countries to launch the newly developed crispy, creamy Lindt Choco Wafer, to meet new consumer demands. Advertising was further improved, contributing to the strong growth of Lindt & Sprüngli Italy.

A Lindt Goldhase in a wreath with pink flowers. (Photo)
Map UK and Ireland (graphic)

UK & Ireland

Lindt & Sprüngli
(UK) Ltd.


million GBP Sales

+10.0% growth

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Lindt & Sprüngli achieved sales of GBP 294 million, an organic growth of 10.0%. Despite the difficult circumstances due to high inflation in the market and legislation restricting the presentation of products with a comparatively high fat, salt and sugar content, the Lindt business developed very well. Thanks to more shelf space, we were able to increase the visibility of our praline and seasonal categories in grocery stores. Lindor remained the most popular product here. The Lindt Bars achieved strong growth, driven by Excellence, which was able to defend its position as market leader in the dark chocolate segment. The introduction of Swiss Classics as a chocolate bar also contributed to the success. Business in our own shops continued to develop positively. Lindor was the most important growth driver in the UK and Ireland, alongside a strong seasonal business and an increasing demand for high-quality gifts. In summer 2023, Lindt & Sprüngli UK was one of the first subsidiaries to launch the crispy, creamy Lindt Choco Wafer in three variants to meet additional consumer needs. The product range was extremely well received by both consumers and retailers and was even named “Innovation of the Year” by the trade magazine “The Grocer” in the confectionery category.

Map Spain and Portugal (graphic)

Spain & Portugal

Lindt & Sprüngli (España) S.A.


million EUR Sales

+10.7% growth

In the markets of Spain and Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula, Lindt & Sprüngli generated sales of EUR 112 million in 2023 and organic sales growth of 10.7%, mainly thanks to Lindor. In terms of chocolate bar sales, the milk chocolate bars performed well. Seasonal products also contributed to the positive result, with the highest growth rate among the product groups. We have successfully expanded our product portfolio with the launch of Nuxor White. In Portugal in particular, we were able to increase our market share and raise our profile through various marketing initiatives. The most successful sales channel was the Group’s own shops, which increased volumes both organically with newly launched products such as Lindor Salted Caramel and in terms of numbers, with three new shops. Traditional retail and various online channels also contributed to the growth. For Spain and Portugal, the Christmas business is still the most important season of the year, significantly more so than in other markets. This business was very successful last year due to the sales of pralines. In addition, Easter is a seasonal business with increasing growth rates and potential. This is particularly true in Portugal, where certain chocolate traditions have only recently been established. The Gold Bunny has become a very popular product.

Lindt Choco Wafer product photo (Photo)

Rest of Europe


In the Austrian market, Lindt & Sprüngli expanded with an organic growth rate of 10.6%. Growth was driven by the strong Easter business focusing on the Lindt Gold Bunny and Lindor. Supported by a promotional program, Nuxor was also a relevant growth driver. Added to this were proven sales drivers such as chocolate bars, where milk variants in particular were very popular. Lindt & Sprüngli consolidated its number one position in Austria in the praline segment, number two in chocolate bars and is the market leader in seasonal business. In distribution channels, the picture was similar to that in other European markets. Sales grew most strongly in our own shops, followed by online trading.


The Nordic market region (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) achieved organic sales growth of 7.3%, led by Finland, Norway and Denmark. In Sweden, however, sales fell short of expectations. Consumers suffered from lower purchasing power as a result of the macroeconomic situation. This impacted the sales volume of premium food products. Across product lines, gifting items in Northern Europe were the most attractive, and snacking products also sold well. The Seasonal businesses and the festive period ran smoothly too, and thanks to the Gold Bunny and the Teddy, Lindt was one of the most popular brands.

Lindt NUXOR product photo (Photo)


The Benelux market region, which includes the three countries Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, delivered an impressive growth of 37.6%. This development was achieved through a route-to-market transition in Belgium and targeted investments in marketing and Lindt’s own stores – both offline and online. Lindt & Sprüngli Benelux doubled its own retail sales last year and opened its largest store to date in Roermond (NL) last September. While dark chocolates continue to be one of our most important products in this market, it was Lindor, in particular, that grew in the financial year.

A Master Chocolatier who pours chocolate over hazelnuts and creates Lindt NUXOR. (Photo)

Central Eastern Europe

The Central Eastern Europe market region (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) increased its sales organically by 20.4% last year, well above the overall market. In this region, Lindt & Sprüngli grew both in the retail segment and in its own retail business, with e-shops in particular recording significant sales growth. The market launch of Lindor Strawberry contributed to the growth of our praline products. The Mango & Almond variant launched in the Excellence range showed gratifying results.