Maître chocolatier Urs Liechti decorating truffles holding an almond in pincers (Photo)

Innovation through tradition



Over 20 years as Lindt Master Chocolatier
until retirement at the end of 2023


Passion, creativity and endless curiosity

Sources of inspiration

Flavors from all over the world and forms
found both in architecture and nature

Most important innovation

Three large praline recreations

Plans for the future

Staying in touch with Lindt & Sprüngli
and going on a non-ending journey

Maître chocolatier Urs Liechti – Switzerland (Photo)
  • Urs Liechti, what fascinates you about the Lindor truffle?

    The packaging. Unwrapping the truffle creates excitement and anticipation of the sensational chocolate with its cool melt. And then there’s the enormous variety of flavors. There’s something for everyone.

  • What drives innovation more strongly? The consumers or the technology?

    Technically, anything is possible. For us, as a company deeply rooted in tradition, however, it is crucial to inspire consumers with recipes that appeal to the majority. Every new product begins with surveys in the most successful markets. We develop the recipes based on the resulting preferences and test them in those same markets.

  • Hasn’t everything already been invented when it comes to chocolate?

    With almost 180 years of experience with chocolate, we are always trying to improve and deliver the best for consumers. Quality is our top priority here.

  • Could artificial intelligence replace the Lindt Master Chocolatiers in the future?

    Passion, creativity and sensory qualities will probably always remain human qualities.

  • What has been your greatest moment of happiness as a Lindt Master Chocolatier?

    Of the many moments of joy I could mention, it’s the unique approach of the Lindt development team when we come up with new creations. This was the case again recently when we developed the 14 new Lindt Connaisseurs pralines with perfection down to the smallest detail. When you see the finished collection in the shops, you’re filled with pride that you contributed to such a masterpiece.